Management company?


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Hello has anyone heard who has been assigned as the management company and if so do you have any personal knowledge of them good or bad?


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Management Company contact info

New Company....
Wyse Property Management
Head Office:
94 Lr Baggot St
Dublin 2
Phone: +353 1 647 0600
Fax: +353 1 661 5616

Original company....
O'Dwyer Property Management,
Silverstone House
Ballymoss Road
Dublin 18 Telephone: 01 660 3822
Fax: 01 660 7863


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Hi all anybody got contact details of the new management company, I've mislaid the letter they sent when they took over from ODPM?


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Hi All,

Just wondering about the Mang Company, we got our keys in early november and moved in Dec, and still haven't heard a thing from the company, no bill nor letter.

Should I've to contact them, the plants in the front of our house aren't the best, would love to pulled them up :mad:


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and don't forget to ask for a detailed copy of their costs before you pay a cent. They will charge for things that they haven't done and overcharge on others. Its endemic in Property Management.