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Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has heard yet of the annual meeting that the management company are suppose to have. I emailed them in October with some queries and have made numerous phone calls and needless to say they still haven't gotten back to me.

My main queries are what the situation is with the supposed Bin Storage they would provide us with for are private bins. I'm in an apartment and have no where to store a bin with the exception of right outside my hall door so as a result have had no bin since the bin shed was closed!! Also I find the carparking on my road a nightmare. I am aware that it isn't assigned parking but the paper work I received when I purchased my apartment did state that it is only ONE parking spot per property with regards to the apartments/duplexes. Getting fed up having to park my car on the block behind my apartment block!!

If anyone could spread some light on a date for a meeting or either of my queries i'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks :)


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I haven't heard anything either nor have I received a bill this year which is strange. I've also tried to contact them recently and heard nothing back. Wonder if they're still the management company for Bremore Pastures??


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Jordie, agrif06,

The management company was changed recently to Pinnacle Property. I only found this out when I had to ring about an issue. The email address is and the phone number is (01) 2910800. Stephen is the person I was dealing with, he was one of the sales agents that worked for bohan.

Im not sure how the managment company was picked.. maybe the residents commitee could shed some light on this? are the residents commitee still up and running??


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From what I can see they were apponted without any consultation with any residents. I know we tried to contact donal on a number of occassions and only managed to hear about it a couple of weeks ago. Were unble to get any more info than that. It would appear to me that he may have been pushed out by the developers. Although maybe I am reading too much into this. This new company Pinnacle Property appears to be the same as SCK Group (Seamus C Kane), who are a property investment/ management group with quite a number of rental units in the estate. Same address, same directors, staff etc. it would appear. Also Stephen Welthagen is the same guy who used to work for Bohans. The sales agent who was over the developement at the time they were initially launched. On further inspection it appears that he may now be working from Pascal Butlers office (Cranford Construction - the developer), or at least in the same building??? hmmm the plot thickens...


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Maintenance Fee

Hi Folks,

I just got a letter from Pinnacle property and they want to charge me 625 + 300 in arrears and I remmber I paid them with a standing order last year. I mean to a different company name.

I think they are charging us for almost nothing a few street lights are not working and we are paying for the bins ourselves.

Is there a way I wonder we can change this property managemnt to Fingal county council and get rid of there rip off charges imposed on us.This is absolute nonsence.:mad:



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I guess we are just puppets, and anyone can ask anything from us.. I am dissapointed in people reading but not taking be it!!! feed them the money you work hard to earn... whats the point of being on this forum even.

Why cannot we have our own company and manage our affairs ourselves..what happend to the meetings that were happening before??


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This was tried at the agm last year and both developers and SCK kicked up a fuss. It was then agreed that this would happen from April/ May onwards. Needless to say it never happened and was dragged on and on. The bottom line is the developer is just not willing to work with us. It is a pretty bad situation but in order for anything to happen you need a lot more people making noise over things and from experience there is only a handfull who care and even less who are willing to get involved and help.


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Just spoke to Alan in Pinnacle Property who stated that there were only a couple of people who havent paid and that if we didnt pay there would be no money to do anything in the estate and that I had 7 days to pay or I would be pay penalties and have a solicitor contact me to take things further.

I have asked him for a maintenance schedule and confirmation that the road will be finished of which he said that he is waiting on the maintenance company to give him the schedule and that the raod should be finished this year.

Unless you are paying your fee's and keeping quiet it appears you are a pain in the neck for them....:mad:


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Hi, I have an apt in bremore pastures park and I am having problems with pinnacle too. they want me to pay my service charge without supplying me with a breakdown of what the management fee is used for, are any of you having this same problem? They said they would give me this breakdown when i have paid!!!


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Yeah I had something similar. I aksed them for a list of dates the estate is meant to be cleaned and maintained, still waiting.
The guy said that the money is for the general upkeep but thats a broad sweeping statement in my opinion!