Management Company in Newcastle Manor


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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and together with my wife I'll be new residents of this lovely neighborhood soon... Just wanted to check who is the management company in the estate at the moment and what are the fees in regards to this...We bought a house here and we were told that the annual fee is around €200 but we don't have all the information on that yet... Also I would like to know who is the waste company operating in the area? We live in Lucan at the moment and we are with Greyhound, but a friend of mine decide to go with CityBin as they are more reliable and have a different approach (that personally I like more) but they don't operate in the area yet (as there aren't enough requests I guess)...
So just wondering :)

Thanks in advance for the responses.


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Hi and welcome to the Manor. the managment company is newcaslte Manor managment company and the agents are:
Access Property Services
18/19 College Green,
Dublin 2
01 612 1434. The bin collections in the estate are greyhound, thorntons and panda you can choose whichever you want.