Management company for The Island


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Any opinion on the management company for The Island? Fees seem quite hefty for a property well out of the city.


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They aren't cheap thats for sure. But, Security is an expense which I think is necessary (unfortunately). The other big expense appears to be the ESB bill for the public areas and water pumps in the car park, Which 2 years back cost us €48,000 for the year (approx). Still, its the most expensive i've heard of for fees. I couldn't give you the figures for this year as RF decided not to inform us about the AGM which was held in June!!! I will post another thread on that issue.


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Fees for Pumps

This I feel is a white elephant, Im a resident in the weir and I know of only two sump pumps in the car park. These pumps are twin (duty & standby) and do do really operate during the summer so how do they cost so much to maintain and run. The island car park by nature of its location may be completly different as the car is below water irrespective of season.;)