Maintenance Fee


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I'm a property owner of one of Brackenwood owned-door apartments in balbriggan. I just want to know if you guys had got debt collection notice letter from brackenwood management company for unpaid fee for this year. In the letter they said my account has been placed with the company's solicitor with instructions to commence legal proceedings for full recovery of the amount
It all started when I refused to pay the management fee for this year. I refused to pay because I din't get value for money for the fee I paid last year, which means they didn't trim the bushes at the back of my house(they promised to do this when the property was bought) and didn't remove the muck from a dug-up area in front of my window.
Gillian told me that 150,000 Euros are owed to the Management company (She works for Brackenwood Management Company) confirms this in an e-mail she sent to me.
So, let me know as quickly as possible what you think about all these. Is there anyone else refusing to pay and what do you do about it?I'm expecting a reply from you.