Mains water pipe Leaking.


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I live in 20 The Heath and we have a leak in our mains water pipe. The council told us it was on our property and therefore would not fix the leak. We are now digging over 3 foot down just beyond our porch door. I would like to alert other Inse Bay residents to the fact that the mains pipes were fitted with brass fittings and these are not durable. A neighbour across from us had the same problem a year or two ago. Our thinking is that it won't be long before other pipes running to other houses will have the same problem soon.

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Hi Suzette,

Sorry to hear of that my sister lives in the ave and she had a problem whit her sur pipes that i could fix at the time but they run under the house as well not down the side off the house that i would thought should. You should ring your home bond to see if they have any cover for you.

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Thanks for the message.

Thanks for your message. It has definitely taught my Husband a lesson in plumbing :)