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The cistern in the main bathroom takes 8 minutes to refill. Does anyone else have this problem? The builders said it was standard. I think it is ridiculous, if anyone knows anything about these things, is there a way I can change it? It is embarrassing when guests go to the bathroom to find they can't flush the toilet because it hasn't been 8 minutes since the last user!

A strange one I know but any advice would be great.




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Hi Kathy,
It's not too strange at all. We had the same problem when we moved in. The problem is that the en suite toilet is connected to the electric pump, but the main toilet is filled using gravity.
When we asked the builders to sort it we were given all sorts of excuses. They were mainly blaming Harvey Norman for supplying the wrong type of flush. They also put the blame on the fact that since we were in a ground floor apartment the gravity pumps don't work that well!?! What?! :confused:

After a few months of harrassment, I just told them to sort it and connect the main toilet to the electric pump. They told me it was against building regulations (their answer to everything) but the eventually connected it. Hay presto! No more problems.
Tell Robbie to take his finger out and just sort it out for you.


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Main Bathroom Cistern

Just wondering does anyone have a direct number for Robbie or for anyone in Liberty Homes? The number ODPM gave me doesn't work and the liberty homes website is no longer available. Are they still in business?
Having the same trouble with our main bathroom Cistern. We put up with the 8 minute refill time as when we tried to get Liberty homes to fix it they messed up the whole wall beside the toilet and seemed to make it worse than before. They said they'd be back to fix it properly but we never saw them again.
I suppose it's my fault for not following up on it but now the main bathroom cistern doesn't refill at all so it really needs to be fixed.
Does anyone know of a good plumber?


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Hi Beetlejuice,
Robbie Meally should be contactable at 01 8115200. This is the number for Liberty Homes (now part of Pierce Contracting). They could give you his mobile. Otherwise talk to the caretaker, Frank. He said Robbie is on site quite a bit doing the finishing list. He could get a message to him or might even have his number.