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Good idea about the letter, the only problem is getting to meet the others who get them. I've not met any of my neighbours and I'm in since January, if more used or knew about this site it would be helpful!


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Is there a notice board in each block. If there is a little notice with a link to this site woudl be a decent idea. Its probably been done before but just an idea.

So all in all the Magnet internet option is pretty good then.


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hi neil and ucanfindants i am moving into block b in the new yr ..all going well and would defo be going with the sky option if that is possible, i was talking to a customer of mine who works for sky and they told me that if there are 3 people who want then the management company cant stop it from being installed. i donno if we can be in seperate blocks to avail of the one dish ?

ian brown

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just on the phone to sky there, they seem a bit confused. have many people gotten it installed?what exactly is the procedure? do we have a commmunal dish? and finally:) how do you find the service ?