Luas F1 in Lucan


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Hello All,

I would like to start discussion about options near St.Lomans Road which RPA have gave us.
Which option you would choose.


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Hi Alan,

not everyone is aware that due to a number of concerns from residents RPA has identified 3 proposed routes.:

1.option A- from Liffey Valley shopping centre via St. Lomans Road to outer ring road,
2.option B- from Liffey Valley shopping centre via Ballyowen Lane and St.Lomans Road (separate lines),
3.EPR - from Liffey Valley shopping centre via Ballyowen lane to outer ring road

The EPR (Emerged Preffered Route) starts from Liffey Valley shopping centre via St.Lomans Road turning left to Ballyowen Lane via Cluan Ri park to Outer ring road ending in Blackhorse.

There was a number of concerns raised by residents of affected estates. The most affected will Liffey Downs, Liffey Terrace, Droim Na Coille, Ballyowen Hall and Cluan Ri. According to RPA plans all green area in front of Liffey Downs, currently kids playground,will be removed. Luas tracks will be laid only few meters away from their front door. Obviously noise due to Luas running and an increase in pedestrian traffic on the street will be unbearable (luas stop next to Liffey Downs). Access to properties will be limited due to Luas running every 4 minues (with 2 lines every 2 minutes) and traffic lights located at the entrance.
The most affected estate will be Liffey Terrace, houses on that street located few meters from luas tracks, which means constant noise and vibration. According to Final draft for EIS prepared by RPA :"The hours of operation for the proposed scheme are currently assumed to be 5am to 1am Monday to Thursday, 5am to 3am Friday, 6am to 3am Saturday and 7am to midnight on Sunday. It is envisaged that there will initially be a 4 minute headway (15 vehicles per hour) service during peak hours." It will be very hard for the residents to sleep properly at night or in the early morning. Their master bedrooms faced onto the street. Cleaning of tracks is additional noise factor as it needs to be done once a month during the night.
Safety is another concern, there are many kids in the area using driveways as playgrounds. They are often on the street to get balls, etc.Kids are kids, they won't think twice before going onto the tracks. It's just an accident waiting to happen.
Alll green areas and trees will be removed along with a brand new footpath and replaced with metal posts and wires.
Traffic will also be an issue as residents will need to share tracks with luas at all times (there will be no lane for cars only). Ballyowen Lane is the only entrance route to Liffey Terrace,Ballyowen Hall ,Droim na Coille, Cluan Ri,Foxford and Ballyowen Court. Just imagine the level of traffic in peak hours. All ramps that residents fought for a long time will be removed.
RPA's plan is to install 4m high posts for power lines in front of the houses, so residents will be exposed to radiation every single day. It is proved that people who live in a close distance to power lines have higher probability of suffering from leukemia. It can also cause disabilities to unborn children if women is exposed during pregnancy.
I personally believe it will bring anti-social behavior to the area. Based on report prepared by RPA called RPA REVIEW OF LUAS SAFETY 2009: "Disorder and Vandalism has increased by over 1000 since 2006". That would mean turning the usually quiet area into a place where residents safety will be compromised. There was 4 major accidents involving Luas in 2009, tram contact with a car, bicycle, bus and tram derailment. It is highly possible that car/luas accident will be regular on Ballyowen Lane due to a number of cars using that street. Derailment happened because there was a cloth on the tracks and if such thing will happen on that small street it will hit the house directly! Collision with bicycle is just another example what might happen if you put Luas in the middle of residential estate.:eek:
Littering is an issue, there will be 2 stops, one at the entrance to Ballyowen Lane (next to Liffey Downs) and at the end of the street (next to Cluan Ri). I can imagine the number of people using that street to get to both stops and amount of rubbish they will leave in the front gardens. It will be very busy until late and add to Luas noise.
Construction will take 3 years of noise, dirt, dust, traffic problems, water and electricity cut offs, contractors cars being parked in the estate. How can RPA expect families to live in this kind of conditions?!
Off street parking, will not be permitted, so if someone has more than 2 cars (only 2 can fit in driveway) will need to use parking bays(for a limited number of cars),that can be used by anybody not just the residents. I strongly believe that commuters will leave their cars in the estate blocking driveways and adding to peak hours traffic.


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Is there any reason the Luas cant just stop at Liffey Valley shopping center as its the kind of thing no one wants in their back garden I know I dont.

I think the last comment got everything right spot on.

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Hi Chaths123,

I think the main reason for Luas in Lucan is a strong lobby from Liffey Valley Centre business. They see it as an opportunity to bring more business. So it is not really to get people from Lucan to City centre, but to shopping centre.