loud siren


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hi guys
does anyone know what that loud siren is it goes off every now and then sometimes at night very annoying!


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House Alarm

Has anyone heard the alarm comin from the house, up the lane that runs beside beech park, its been going off most nights now, is there anything we can do about this, I wouldn't mind its not like a normal house alarm, feels like Im in an army camp, its that loud:( :mad:


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Has anyone complained to the Guards yet - weekends are the worst. I feel like taking a hammer and smashing the bloody thing! :mad:


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Can't say I've really noticed it myself but for sure if it's as bad as you say then call the Gaurds they must respond.

FYI did a quick search of the net and found this....
"Noise nuisance arising from intruder alarms on a commercial premises should be notified to the local authority.
Noise nuisance caused by alarms on a domestic property should first be notified to the occupiers of the property involved and then, if necessary, be treated as a neighbourhood noise nuisance problem."
More info can be found at...