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Hi folks.
I am the Treasurer of St Pats Phoenix F.C.We were formerly Phoenix Rovers Lanesborough but have a new name now.This is our 3rd Season playing in the park.We have 4 teams.3 adult teams and an over 35's team.However in the past few months the park has deteriorated dramatically in terms of condition and safety.
Our goalposts have been vandalised on several occasions.However the major problem we have now is that glass is constantly being smashed off the goalposts and all over the pitch.Some people are deliberately breaking bottles,mostly alcoholic drinks,on the playing surface.This of course is extremely dangerous and the club has recently been sued for damage to a players leg.We try and clean it up but every weekend there is more and it is now getting to the point where we may have to move.

We love playing in the park and think its a good thing for the community.We hope in the near future,when we get help with facilities,to run under age teams but until the council help us out with looking after things and the vandals are caught this wont happen.In fact we may have no choice but to play somewhere else which would be a great shame.If anyone sees glass being broken on the pitch please inform the Gardai.Help us stay in Lanesborough.Thanks.