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Hi all

Can any residents of Blocks B,C or D let me know how long the lifts were not working when they moved in? I have asked Laragan and the builders on site when the lifts in Block A will be working and I keep getting fobbed off with "hopefully this week" - I am aware that this is a tactic used to avoid people moving in and using the lifts to move appliances etc but how long does this go on for, until the last person has moved into Block A?? :(




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Hi Juliet,

I moved into Block B in June and the lifts did not start working until Sep/Oct (I think). It di n't bother me too much as i am on the first floor but i really felt sorry for everyone up higher as they had to cart all their furniture up all those stairs.
While the builders are still working on your block i'd say it will be a few more months.