Lift renovation in Blocks B & G

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Moderator (Clifden Court)
As anyone on the upper floors knows the lifts in blocks B & G are out of order so I though an update on what I know might be of use. (I'm on the 4th floor of G so my suitcase, groceries and I take a keen interest in this :)

The lifts need to be renovated which in practice means replacing the hydraulic mechanism and electronics. This is part of a programme of lift renovations that has been ongoing for the last couple of years. All of the lifts will eventually need to be upgraded but because of the huge costs involved the renovation programme has been doing the work 1 block at a time spread over a few years and using canabilised parts to prolong the life of the remaining old style lifts. The work is now over half way through.

The work to do this major renovation has been unavoidably delayed recently for 2 reasons:
(1) efforts had to be made to effect a temporary repair to make sure that full upgrade really was needed now,
(2) new mechanisms had to be ordered and these are manufactured to order, combined with the August shutdown on the continent this lead to alonger delay than would have been ideal.

The work is planned to be completed by the end of October after which these lifts should have a good 20 year lifespan
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