Last nights AGM

Hi guys,
I went to the AGM of the management company last night, I must say I walked in with a completley negative attitude about the management company, but by the end of it I had changed my mind and realised that they are there to help, yes no one wants to pay the fees but there's nothing we can do about that only hope that the management agent keeps up the work finding us cheap quotes for work/insurance etc. The one thing I suppose I still dont really agree with is that the directors make the final decision, but they did listen to every opionion last night especially when it came to the decision re the bins, I suppose it would be nice if owners were able to take a vote on decisions like this, but then again as only a hand full of people showed up at the AGM it obvioulsy shows that some people dont give a toss what happens anyway. Anyway I suppose I just want to let people know that it is worth while going to the AGM, I definatley feel a lot better about the situation for going, anyone else go, would love to know how they felt at the end of it??


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I wasn't able to go but my husband went and he came home with the same sentiment, he thought that in fact the mgmt co were grand but like you say it's a shame more people don't go. At the end of the day if you don't go to the AGM don't complain about being in a MGMT Co. You can have your say at the meetings...

You know Lolly may be a lot of owners in Clonuske don't know about this website.