Knowing me, knowing you


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Just saying hello!

Hi everybody,
I've been in Altamont for just about two years now. It seems strange that we have to use a satellite squillions of miles away to get to know our neighbours but it's another benefit of this technology!.
Is anyone planning the Xmas party yet!!!!!

Al Hall

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Getting to know you

Hi PJB and thanks for your post.

You're quite right, it's a shame that it takes this site to allow us to get to know our neighbours... While most of us probably know the people living immediately next door, what about on other floors or even the other block?

I love your comment about a Christmas party! Maybe it's a bit early for that! Still, you raise a salient point - we should arrange some sort of informal get-together some evening soon. We could invite interested neighbours to be at The Goat on a specific evening for example...

Thoughts, comments?


Good idea

Xmas party for the neighbours sounds like a good idea! Keep up posted on further developments!