Kiltipper gate


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Hi everyone ,I am new to the kiltipper gate area and would love to discuss any issue with my neighbours. If interested please post a reply.


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hey welcome to kiltipper gate. im kinda new to the area moved at christmas .. r u living in the new part of kiltipper gate or the old part the apartments inside the gate?? how are u finding th area and ur neighbours etc etc have u had much dealings with the management company??


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Sky in Kiltipper

Hi there Kiltippergatepj! I'm new to Kiltipper gate as well;still settling in. Good point that about sky. It is a little unfair that we don't have an option re:choice of cable tv provider especially when the players in the market differ widely in terms of content. Sky do have a programme in the UK whereby 4 flats could team up and make a representation to Sky to have a communal dish installed. Over here, sky talk only to developers, builders et.c and not poor apartment owners! Wonder if the management company is any use on this....