Kids "Playing" in Woodbrook Hall


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Before I start complaining, I will say I all am for kids playing outside and enjoying their summer holidays when we have nice weather.

But I cannot take the screaming any more, I cannot remember an evening I have come home from work and could open the windows and patio doors and not have to listen to the kids playing in the centre grass of Woodbrook hall and screaming for no reason.

I have watched some of the kids just stand in the middle of the grass and scream at the top of their lungs. As I said I have nothing against kids playing outside but its time they consider the other residents in the estate that don't have children.

Over the last three weeks I have been at home more and working part - time as I have been studying for important work exams. It is impossible to get any peace and quite till at least 9 o'clock at night when they go to bed, even with the windows closed I can still hear them, I should be able to open a window and air out my apartment, without listening to high pitched screaming. If I was to have a party and have music blaring at 2 and 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning I can be assured I would be receiving letters of complaint because I am disturbing the peace, well they are doing the same thing.

Also if my rent goes up because management charges are being increased because of the extra work needed to fix the flowers after the children running through them, I wont be paying it.

I am so frustrated at the moment I am considering not renewing my contract next month.

Yes I will admit I am stressed but I should be able to get some peace at least once a week before 9 O'clock at night. I have my lively hood to think of as well.

Apologies for the rant, I felt it had to be said, I don't even know if anyone reads this thread any more.


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Noise Pollution During Summer at Woodbrook

Dear Fellow Residents,

Summer is nearly here at last and we are all looking forward to being outside again soon!

As you all know, our estate is very compact and menace noise pollution from one single property or area can affect dozens of other houses and families – especially in the Summertime.

Further to the above, I would suggest that we draw up an information leaflet and distribute this to every prooerty in our area so that we can all enjoy our gardens & balconies this Summer.

The 3 main noise pollution menace areas that we need to inform residents about are below:

(1) Ice Cream Vans
These vans tend to spend the whole day visiting every street in our area at least twice every day during the summer. Due to the compact nature of our estate, this means that at any given time all residents using our gardens or balconies are liable to have to suffer the loud music from these ice cream vans for most of every day during Summertime.
We need to inform residents about this noise pollution menace and suggest that that all residents boycott these ice cream vans so that we can enjoy our back gardens during the Summertime.
Fingal County Council should also have some guidelines on noise pollution from ice cream vans but as usual this is very difficult to enforce and a simple boycott would be way more effective.

(2) Broken alarms
Over 95% of the house alarms in our area work perfectly and do not cause any problems. However there is a small percentage of properties (probably less than 5 properties in total) that have faulty alarm systems that constantly go off all day every day. This problem is even worse during the Summer when the owners or tenants are away on holidays.
We need to inform all residents about this problem and suggest that every resident should have a contact in their area who can call a key holder in the event of a false alarm at their property.

(3) Menace dog barking
Again over 95% of the dog owners in our area are responsible people who take care of their dogs properly. However there are a small percentage of residents who leave their dogs out barking all day long. In estates like Woodbrook, this menace dog barking can affect up to 30 other properties and destroy the peace and quiet for dozens of other residents all day long.
This is totally unfair on all of the genuine residents who work hard all year and who are entitled to try to enjoy their gardens & balconies during the Summertime.
We also need to inform residents about this problem and suggest a mediation solution that residents can use either directly or through their Residents Association or Management Company in order to solve this very frustrating problem.

Thanks again for all your help and please keep up the good work so that we can all enjoy our gardens and balconies the Summer!

Best Wishes,

Mark & Deirdre