Kids Climbing on Back Walls


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Hi All !

I live on the crescent and I have noticed that kids ( of all ages) seem to be walking along the back walls of the estate on an almost daily basis.I have also heard of this happening further up the crescent too so it seems to be fairly widespread.I’m not sure if this is just kids playing or perhaps they are “taking a shortcut”
But it’s annoying and a bit worrying and it seems largely ignored.I would urge everybody affected to do their best to stamp this out before it becomes a much bigger problem.
Firstly it’s a terrible invasion of privacy but more importantly It could be a danger to your personal property or your house.
Also it’s quite dangerous for the kids who are doing it as falling from that height could easily break a limb or worse.There is also of course the possibility that if this happens on your property that you would be personally liable for any damages caused.It is completely plausible that a kid may fall and injure themselves in your back garden when you are not home , What then?
Individually It is our responsibility to secure our own homes and property and I fully intend to to block the path at my garden and I would encourage everybody else affected to do the same, but surely the council have a responsibility to block the exit and entry points.There are many discreet methods available that wont make the place look like a fortress. By the way , I have never been quick enough to actually catch them as they walk along my wall !!!
I will be contacting the council about this but I wonder what can be done about this amongst ourselves and has anybody else experienced this or got any opinions on it?