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Im living in Heathfield since May 2008 ,I have to say I love the est and the Neighbours .
What I find really annoying is the management company and the builder.
I have asked the builder when the roads will be tarmaced and he laughed at me and said im not doing nothing with these roads untill all the houses are sold !Now I know with the 'recession' this will take a long time I have got a copy of the planning permission and he has untill 2013 to finish the est but if he feels like it he can renew this planning permission for another 5yrs,I have also been advised that the shops & creche will now NOT be built as there is 'now no need' for them cause there is not enough houses ,apartment,duplex's sold !
I like the rest of the residents in Heathfield bought my house thinking we would have some sort of ammunities in the area .
There is also a seriously BAD smell comming in to some of the house's around Heathfield Way and I have been advised there is a blocked pipe in the area and they are trying to 'sort' it ! This is not good enough as I can not even sit in my living room and had to block up my airvents .
I would also like to know if anyone in the est is having problems with their heating system as to date I have had my clock timer replaced 3 times and my boiler is now broken and the builder just ignores my emails and calls .
Sorry to be going on so much but would really like if you can advise me if you to are having many problems in the area .


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Sorry to be going on but my other issue is the 'Management Company' and I have to say the only time these are in the est is when the builder is relauncing the show houses. I think this is just a waste of money and think it would be better is a residents assocation was put in place and we got in our own 'Management Company'
Please let me know what you think


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Heathfield Management Company and Builders

Hi Karrossiter,

I'm living here since 2008 and my boiler also went just before xmas. Just replaced the pump myself because the warrenty was up on it and i didnt think there was any come back off de builder. Please read the following and see what you think. This a letter that i will be circulating around the area so if i dont get to speak to people face to face they can contact me on this blog and i will call to them again to get the petition signed. Thats if they want to sign it which i think is in everyone's best interest.

To All Fellow Residents,

I've been living in this estate over two years now as many of you have, Welcome to all new residents.
The reason I'm writing this letter is to get a petition together from as many residents ALL if possible to get Fingal County County to take over the estate and run it rather than having a private management company running it COSTING US MONEY.

Firstly The Original Management Company was based in “The Gables” Torquay Road, Foxrock, County Dublin; which has obviously been taken over By Wallis Property Management which is fair enough as this is all legal if you read through your house policy.

More to the point this new company has now sent everyone out a list of there policies not the policies from the the original company, and are now looking for these management fee's.

For What?
1. Cutting the grass in the park and tidying the area when the show houses are open? I'm sure a lot of you have seen this where there were floods in the park and the grass grown long but as soon as a new property letting/auctioneers came and re-opened the show houses for viewing the place was tidied up and grass cut.

2. The roads are not finished, they all have to be re-surfaced. If you are living in any of the houses with a footpath I'm sure you'll find the height of path you have to drive up possible wreaking the suspension in your car and also is not exactly special needs friendly.

If the estate is been run by a private management company why do Fingal County Council Collect the refuse should we not have a private company like Thorntorns organised to collect refuse that would work out cheaper in costs for us? This is just an example Thorntons don't cover our area (I am in NO WAY affiliated with Thorntons).

Everyone living in this estate would have received a letter dating back 17/06/10 from this Wallis Property Management Ltd.

It states “We will also be arranging the first general meeting of owners in due course. A notice and an agenda will be forwarded, with a copy of the most recent annual accounts, to each owner in advance. “There are no doubt some queries relating to the development and the majority of these queries should be resolved/answered with the follow up documentation we will be sending you shortly.

They sent us the annual accounts stating monies to be paid and house rules but nothing about a “general meeting of owners”. And yes there are queries relating to the development which I'm sure a lot of you have, as I previously outlined above and I'm sure there are more issue's people have that I haven't listed.

So Finally I hope I haven't bored you to death but I believe these are very important issues that must be addressed before any monies are paid to any private management company. We need to stick together as a community and work towards a better place to live for us and our children.

In these recessionary times especially I feel people don't have money to be wasting on Management Companies Fee's which I'm sure you'll all agree.

I have put together two petitions one for Fingal County Council to take over the Management Of the Estate and a separate one about monies being paid to The Management Company Wallis Property Management Ltd as I am still in the process of finding out the legalities of Fingal Taking Over the Estate as to whether this can be done or not. I know this has been done in other estates but I have to make sure it can be done in our own estate. I've been put through to many different sections in Fingal when trying to find this out so hopefully i'll get to the bottom of it soon. In the mean time as both matters are urgent I wanted to get this letter out as soon as possible before any monies are paid.

If you would like to sign the petitions stating that you would like Fingal County Council to take over the estate and also that no monies will be paid to any management company until works are fully complete* there is a discussion on and you can pm me, I will then arrange to call to you when its convenient to sign the petition.

Concerned Neighbour


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Heathfield Management Company and Builders


I will not be paying these management fees and like the previous posts have outlined I would like to see Fingal CC take over the estate. Why should we have to pay these fees I mean times are tough houses are in negative equity by a huge margin taxes are on the increase and the so called management company want monies for sending out a sheet of paper with stuff that's all ready in law and they cant enforce and a little tidy up when the show houses are on view "don't think so". I defo want be giving them my contact details of who lives in the house and phone numbers of occupants. Are there staff security vetted that information getting in the wrong hands would not be good. Magpie I have on numerous occasions also witnessed the estate being cleaned up when the show houses are being viewed. The roads are still not finished! My SME Gas boiler pump also went after 2 years looking up the net they are not highly regarded in the trade. Cheap and nasty by accounts. Going after 2 years is a joke. The outside heat source unit has never come on no instructions on how to use it. I have being told it should work when the outside temperature is I think above 5 Degrees. The thermostat is located beside the light out on the back of the house that's what the grey box thing is in case you where wondering. We also had trouble with our drainage getting blocked. Karrossiter I have also gotten that awful smell of sewerage from the playground/park area. I have seen Dynorod working there last year just inside the park where the Way starts . When the summer comes in with the heat and all people will definitely be getting that stink its disgusting and cant be good for ones health esp with it being a park!

I have seen un-occupied houses being broken into. It could be an occupied house soon if they think they will get away it. Have heard of hot boilers and copper piping being ripped from un-occupied houses and being left destroyed with water pouring out of the heating systems. If residents notice anything contact either Finglas police station on 01-6667500 and also contact CK Security who have security on the gate on 041-9846530 think its a Louth number! Looking up the contact number for CK Security it comes under able security on the internet strange the name is different!

Magpie I am interested in signing the petitions I will PM you my details tnks.

Apologies for the rant but I to like the previous posts like living in the estate and like my neighbours and wont to live in a safe and enjoyable environment and not be ripped off by people who think they can write them selves blank cheques. I mean the so called management company think by giving a little sweetener "if you pay by such a date we will give you such amount off" c yis in court coz what yis are doing is completely wrong and unjust and will fight yis all the way.




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Hi Jimmy & Magpie,

Great to hear that its just not me having all these problems .

Myself and another neighbour Sabrina have been out the past few nights taking photos of the est .Whiles out Sabrina has taken photos of dead rats over near the playground.I have noticed rats in the area a few times now .

I really think we should have a residents meeting soon .

I fully agree with what you both are saying about the 'Management Company' and I have also been looking into Fingal taking over the est as far as I can make out Fingal cant take over the est untill the est is finished ..(This is not going to happen any time soon)
I have also asked the site forman about the roads being finished and was told noting is going to be done to them untill all houses in the est are sold !!!!!!!

I have printed off a lot of information regarding Management Companys and so on its a very boring but interesting read .

Myself and Sabrina are willing to go door to door and get people to sign petitions so pm me your details and we can arrange to meet up.

With regards to the heating system I have contacted Hevac (the manufactures) and they have advised that so far they have been to 10 houses in this est in the past 2yrs and had to fix the heating system all with the same problems
I contacted free legal advise about this and they said the fact that ten or more heating systems in the same est are having the same problems we could take the builder to court as a group and demand that all the heating systems be replaced !

jackie o neill

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i too iam living up in heathfield i have had a problems with my house. like the rest of you i was told my warrenty was up the pump from my shower went and it cost 400 euro to get fixed i will sign any pettions to get things sorted.


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Yea I'll sign any petition alright,

My shower pump is on the way out now too :(

I foolishly payed the management company fees as I didnt realise there were so many issues in the estate.

It would be great to get fingal to take over the running of things.

The sewer system has to be sorted tho, if the builder doesnt sort it before they move off, we will be left with the bill through the management company.


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Hi James

Did you pay the management fees for 2010 - 2011 ?

I know when we all moved in we paid for 1yr .We shouldnt have to pay these fee's as they have done NOTHING in the est since we moved in .

The only time myself and other residents have seen the management company in the est is when the builder relaunches the show houses .

There are numerous issue's with the heating systems they seem to be only lasting about 2yrs and then something goes on them not to mention the control panel to date I myself have had that replaced three times .And at present I have no heating at all .........
My shower pump is also on the way out and I know another neighbours shower pump is gone and its looking like she will have to pay €400 to get it replaced .

We really need to get together and have a residents meeting ...

Also note no fees should have been paid as the management company has never held a agm and have not showed any of us the invoices !!

We as the 'owners' of the management company have a right to see these invoices before any statements come out.


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Great to meet yiz all!

We too have had problems right through the winter with the water pressure dropping and it still hasn't come up to an acceptable level.... a plummer friend of ours had a look at it over the Christmas and said there shouldn't be a water pressure regulator in the hot press (as there is in our house) and that this is usually a sign of a problem.

We also don't fully understand how to use the system as we were never shown how and have no instructions. We have previously asked the site foreman if he knew how to use it and he said no.

We have also had our timer fixed and gas regulator replaced.

We have a switch to the right of our fireplace and neither we nor the site foreman know what it is for as the gas fire works regardless.

Our shower pump is on the way out and we too are out of warranty with that!

The entrance into the estate is quite dangerous too especially for walkers as there is a blind spot. There should be more street lights put in along the pathway from the entrance up to the actual estate.

The lid on the shore in the park, where it dips, has been left open on numerous occasions and we have had to close it as there is at least a 4 foot drop in that shore. With so many children playing in the park we would be afraid some child would fall into it! Pure health ad safety issue there!!!!

As for the sewerage smell........i dread when the good weather comes about as the smell will really become even more apparent with the heat!

We are totally in favor of the petition.


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Just want to say a big thanks to the girls that are organizing the signing of the petition, we are defo in favour of this.
Like the rest of yous we have had a few issues such as heating, mice, sewage, and cracks in the house . I have read all the posts regarding issues in the estate and I was horrified to hear that there is Rats in the area , I think this is a bigger issue than we think and beyond our control. many of our neighbour's have had mice, and when i contacted the estate agents regarding this matter they advised that the estate is bated regularly. I have heard from other neighbours that we need to emphasize that this is a Health & Safety issue. I know when we viewed houses in another estate that was built by Manor Park homes too, the residents were picketing outside the show houses due to unfinished estates and similar issues we are all experiencing! This may be an option for us depending on the response from the builder.Im sure it would hurt the builders pocket they way negative equity is hurting ours. It would not be a nice sight for future residents if the existing residents were picketing outside the show houses on the weekends there being launched.

Its nice to hear that most are in a similar situation to us, and only that girl knocked on the door for us to sign a petition we would have been foolish enough to pay the management fees .



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Hi Elaine

Great to hear from you to ...

Im going to try organize a meeting with all the residents within the next week .

This issues need to be sorted asap .

The fact that so many residents are having the same problems is a 'good thing' sorry to say that !!!! I rang free legal aid and they have advised that if we all get together and all put in the same complaints we would have a good chance of a good out come .

Look forward to meeting you all soon.

Rgds Karen


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Hi all, We also have had problems with plumbing sewerage etc. It is inportant that we stick together regarding the management fees as this is the only tool we have to fight them with I suggest we gather each residents management fee bill and post them to manorpark indicating that while they are selling houses here will not pick up the bill. A residents committee is essential to achieving anything we need people to come forward know before it's to late I am more than happy to volunteer but we need more to come forward. Look forward to meeting up and getting this sorted once an for all. Thanks


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Im glad you all got the notice about this site I was hoping a few more people would come on to it ....

Hoping to get a meeting organized for this weekend and most residents can make it .

As you all have said we all need to stick together and get things done.

Look forward to meeting you all soon


We too have had problems right through the winter with the water pressure dropping and it still hasn't come up to an acceptable level.... a plummer friend of ours had a look at it over the Christmas and said there shouldn't be a water pressure regulator in the hot press (as there is in our house) and that this is usually a sign of a problem.
to be honest im a plumber and if the heating system is mains fed you would need some sort of way of keeping the pressure at the desired level , for example if the mains is 3 bar and your heating system works at a half bar youd want a pressure regulater or at least a gauge to let you know when to stop filling


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Hi all,
I only got around to a few houses this evening with the petition and got a great response from everyone so far. I will call around sometime this week hopefully to everyone I haven’t gotten to. From just talking to the handful of neighbours it seems everyone has been having the same problems in regards to heating, mice/rats, draughts in the house, water pressure, gas fire in sitting room, electrical issues, street lighting, sewage problems(In case some people didn’t know which I only found out myself tonight we are not connected to the main Fingal Sewage line its basically like a septic tank that gets drained every so often that’s where that awful smell comes from so we have another smelly summer ahead of us with more new Residents i.e. Rats and Mice, health and safety issues but the biggest shock is that the MANAGEMENT COMPANY have issued residents different fee’s ranging from in the 200’s up into the 700’s. I wonder how they are working out these prices are they going by the bigger the house the bigger the fee?? Although our bill is in the 600 mark and another resident with the exact same house has been given a bill in the 200 mark. Where’s the logic in that apart from the fact that the management company have done nothing for us.
Even though were getting this petition together they will threaten us individually with solicitors letters but we have to be strong, stick together, ignore the letters but hold onto them. If we are brought to court which I’m sure they will send us individual letters we will go as a group backing one another up and bring with us all this info on this forum, all the photo’s that have been taken of the state of the place and the underlying issues. We will get onto the local papers, TD’S, radio stations and demonstrate outside the show houses when open for viewing.


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first off, a big thank you to the people involved in getting the ball rolling on these issues!
I too live here since 2008 and have to agree with all comments posted here. I have encountered most if not all problems that everyone else here has had,from the building site we live in to the quality of the fixtures and fittings supplied in our houses.Not to mention the drafts we have in our house!!

I am all for not paying these fees at all and really look forward to going to a meeting with the rest of the residents of Heathfield asap if it can be organised quickly!!

Anyone from Heathfield reading these comments should really join up here and post a reply just saying "I'm in" if you havent got the time. It will really show support for the people who are trying to help us all!! it only takes a minute



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Management Fees

Its great to see so many residents pulling together even though we probably dont know each other, but at the end of the day the more that get on board the better, as we found out, we all live in the close and our houses faced out onto the main road and we had no privicy, i arranged a meeting with the builder malcome and the management company regarding hedging, and as you can see after a fight we got what we wanted, which i feel we deserved as the hedging is all around the manor park site so why shouldnt we have the same, the hedging was paid by the builder and not the management company, they wanted to put a green netting down the fence, i told him if i wanted to live in a tennis court id have bought in wimbeldon.

In relation to the management fees this is a total joke, myself and karen went around the other nite taken loads of photos so we have them ready to send to the management company, my photos included a dead rat that has been there since christmas that the kids playing in the park were able to show me where it was, the only flowers i see around is the ones at the main enterance and around the show houses that were paying for, do these people seriously think were stupid. If nothing is done im gona start protesting at the show houses haha


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Management Company

I wonder why Karen haha.

Didnt you say that the builder of Manor Park is somekinda part owner to Wallis too so ill all going into his pocket