Issues for the Management Company

Ronan C

Moderator (Windmill)

Is anyone interested in setting up a residence committee over the next couple of weeks? Perhaps if we use this site to gather a list of issues and then arrange to meet up in the Carpenter? While the builders are still on site, we have some form of leverage with them.

Below are some of the issues i've raised with Smith Management over the past year with varying degress of response:

1) I would like the budget for year ending 2006. Since there is a significant increase in costs, I would like to know where these increases are arising and why.

3) Parking: with the opening of that child care centre beside the estate, has their management been warned not to allow parents to park their cars within our grounds?

4) Parking: There are quite a few unallocated car park spaces, can these be assigned as guest parking?

5) Fencing: Are there plans by the builders to improve the current metal fencing that is around the estate?

5) In the budget, there is provision for windows to be cleaned bi-annually. I don't think mine have been cleaned yet!

5) Recycling: Are there any plans to improve the recycling facilities (ie: glass recycling bins etc).

7) Signs: The enterance to the estate and the different buildings themselves need to have signs to help deliveries,guests and post and potential future buyers.

If we get a log of them together as well as any other issues, we can discuss and send a letter to the managment company. Hopefully this will add weight to the issues.
frequent parties in windmill terrace

hey! anyone else having lots of sleepless nites in windmill terrace especially over the last few weeks? know the appartment where the parties are being held, not looking for an invite by the way! Usually start around 11 at night, on till 6 in morn. they obviously not working, well for some. How they affording the rent? music blaring, people roaring, banging doors, running through block. have seen the guards calling on a few occasions but the music gets louder once they leave. so feckin annoying! unlike them we have to head into work in the morning. Have been on to the management company, they just taking notes. Not good enough. Really wouldn't advise anyone rent/buy in this block! it's a joke! on to fingal county council, they going to issue fines but thats about it. Total rip off re appartment and don't get me started on the management fees. used to live nearby and we had the same craic re the fees! no accountability, can charge what they like. anyone know when they gonna be regulated anyways? here it's meant to be next year. as for the windows, lived in my old place for 4 yrs, management co never once cleaned them and because it was a townhouse, it wasnt possible for a person to clean the bedroom ones! of course we were paying for the service. had to call them on sev occasions about graffiti. took them about 6 mths to repaint wall, totally brought the tone of the area down. bin shed was burnt out for more than a yr, we were also paying for this service although no shed. to be honest i think all the mgt co's out there all the same as the residents did request a change and new co just as bad. out to rip us all off! true as well that once appt's all sold, service gets worse, shoulda seen the grass and gardens in the other place! defo on for a meeting with other residents, sure let us no the craic!


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Agree with most of that list there.

Parking so far is not a major problem but telling visitors to park on the entrance road is a bit cheap really. Do they really think we are going to fork out 12 grand for a space. If no one buys a space then we will get to use them FOC surely.

Don't think my windows have every been cleaned in over a year.

The refuse collection is a bit of a joke. But I have to blame residents for that. Rubbish being left outside the door, recycling bins being used for general rubbish and where did the shopping trolleys appear from???? Perhaps better signage would solve it but not happy with how WE are using that. Can't blame management for much as I would like to.

Can't make that meeting this evening but interested to see if any improvements can be made. All management co's do appear to be the same.


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I agree with all these things and would be very interested in being a member of the committee, I am out of the country at the moment but home in December.

The most important things to take up while the builders are on site would be the fencing on the boarder between St. Mochta's and Windmill. It's like being in Jail or something! Very ugly and not nice to look out at for anyone one in the Square or the Court. Does anyone know if the builders have plans to build a wall/ nice railings? I know the residents of St. Mochtas have been up in arms regarding this and have their own residents committee looking into it but surely it would help if we joined forces. Initially when we bought two years ago I thought it was temporary while there was still construction but flowers have been put into flower beds along the bottom which would indicate it is permanent?

Also I have contacted the management regarding the names on the blocks (I am in the square, in each block there is an apartment with the same number as mine so regardless of which block they are looking for they call to my place first - I'm forever getting taxis calling at four in the morning looking for the court or the terrace!). When I spoke to the management company I was told that this was also an issue for the developer.

So the other items are to do with the mgt company but these two are builder orientated I think.

I'd also love to see glass recycling in the development. I currently have to keep it in a box (in an already cramped kitchen) until there is enough to warrant a trip to the recycle center.