Is anyone reading these?

Mike Voss

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Hi there,

we are residents at Mt. Talbot at no. 115. I was just wondering, since this forum is setup, is anyone actually reading these?




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Entitled as prospective buyer to view management company terms and conditions?

Hi, I hope you don't mind me crashing your forum, I'm not a resident, but I am considering purchasing a property in a nearby privately managed estate(not yours, but mine's not listed) and have a problem I hope someone might be able to help me with. Having been advised of 3 different management fees by the EA, I decided to take the initiative and call the management company who would surely be able to provide transparency re charges and basic services rendered?? Apallingly, I have so far gotten yet two more different yearly rates from the management company and an outright refusal to supply a specimen contract for review by prospective buyer. They have said that they do not hold the lease agreement and I need to contact my solicitor re same. Surely this is 'caveat emptor' gone too far? Surely I do not have to wait until signing day and incur legal fees to discover the rates and terms of what may be a 999-year financial committment. I am waiting on feedback from a couple of sources, any ideas in the meantime? Feel free to PM me any info and thanks in advance!


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Hi there,
I currently live in Mount Talbot, is it here you are thinking about buying in?



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Lost Keys

Hello, I'm currently living in Mount Talbot but I need some help. Lost my keys in work the other day but have copies of them all except the post box. Any idea's how I can get another key or new lock and if you know that much maybe the price? I'd appreciate any help.