Irish Times Delivery Service

Ciaran Daly

New Member
Hello to all in Aikens Village,
Recently the Irish Times began to deliver directly to residents in the Sandyford Stepaside area. The delivery service is free if you take the paper each day and you can pay online etc. You just pay for the papers you receive. The problem we have is contacting the residents in apartments in Aikens Village to see if they would like the service to the door and if so could we get clearence to enter the building and post the paper in your door each morning! The service is fully controlled by The Irish Times and lots of people in the area are getting the newspaper every day. They also deliver the Sunday Times and some other titles. If anyone wishes to avail of the service they can call me, Ciaran Daly on 087 2626989 or e-mail me at and we can discuss a way of deliverying the paper in a secure and easy way.