Interested in setting up Christchurch View forum

I am interested in hearing from anybody that would like to do the following post messages, let of steam share opinions, post news, management fees, lost and found, tackle issues together, utilities, TV services, plumbing, broadband services noisy neighbours, parking, issues relating to your home, neighbour watch, crime and security, vandalism, carpooling, taxi sharing, energy saving, Announcements & events, swap, share, sell or give away your stuff review local services. I would be interested in hearing from anybody that wants to get a community forum going in Christchurch View apartments

If you know anybody in the block you can suggest it to them as well. It would also be nice to meet each other if we get a few more people on board as I think there a specific issues that need to be brought the management company's attention it is better if do this as apartment owners of Christchurch View. Do you know if there is a management committee?
I don't think there is any committee at the moment, I've never seen any communications from them in the lobby. This Forum idea is great, it will help us to debate on several problems but also to help us to know each others. I'll definitly speak about this forum to some friends in the building. By the way, I think the note on the lobby should be reprinted as it's now missing.