Intercom and Switch


2 queries if anyone can help me:

There is 2 switches on the wall in the hall in the apartment, one is for the fan but can someone tell me what the other switch is for?

The intercom in the apartment does not work, does anyone know where to get this fixed?



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Hi - not sure if your apartment is the same as mine - I have 2 switches beside the bathroom light switch in the hall. One turns on the extractor fan, the other is also linked to the extractor fan, but turns it on in the ensuite. So while one actually turns the fan on (and it will automatically work in your main bathroom), the other turns it on in your ensuite.

PS - I'd get onto the management company regarding your intercom.


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I can answer the fan question. The switch with the red light is to turn the fan on, and it turns it on in all rooms, the ensuite, the bathroom and the storage room with the boiler. The other switch is to turn the fan onto a higher speed.
If your apartment is quiet, listen to the fan with your bathroom door open and press the other button, you should hear your fan speed up.
We had a surveyor in, he said the apartments were designed to have the fan on at low speed permanantly, and the high speed is if you had a shower and the room is very steamy.