Insurance - High risk flooding


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Hi all,
I've just renewed my apartment insurance and was told for the first time that the insurance company wouldn't insure me against flooding because we were in a high risk area!
Despite the fact that in my 8 years living here and despite the fact that I'm on the first floor they wouldn't include it in the policy.
Has anyone else come up against this? Apparently its because we are close to the Nangor Road.


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When I first got my insurance years ago they mentioned flooding areas. I pointed out that I'm x floors off ground level, so if I get flooded the rest of Dublin is done for. The guy laughed and accepted that.

I'd check with your insurers if they cover water damage from above, or within your own apartment (burst pipe, for example), and if they do, fine. Realistically, if anywhere was likely to flood, it will be the carpark, which would be covered on your car insurance. If they don't cover other water damage, I'd look for a new insurance company. If you got it over the web/phone I think you should have a 14 day cooling off period (though maybe it's 7 days).

Like me, if the water levels rise to such an extent that you get flooded on the first floor, the entire city is done for, and insurance will be the least of your worries.