Home Cleaning Deals to your door -save €€€


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It's the stuff we all need to buy but is expensive when not bought in bulk , we have five great packs that can be delivered to your door this week , each pack contains

Ariel 3 in 1 tablets - washing machine - 52 washes
Fairy dishwasher tablets - 100 pack
Kitten soft Toilet Roll - 24 pack
Domestos Bleach - 2 litre

So that's 52 machine washes, 100 diswashes , 24 toilet roll and 2 ltr of domestos , all that to your door for €50 , you may not need to buy again for the rest of the year !

Anyway there's only five left , we all know how expensive this stuff is in the shops , so pm if you are interested and get saving.