Help with living room storage heaters


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wondering if anyone can advise us on using living room storage heaters. We are in Block B3, Fortune's Lawn.

There are three mains switches for the heaters. We have the master switch always on, but leave the other two off believing them to be only for forcing the heaters to give instant heat (expensive, like an electric heater).

But we questioning whether we should have these two mains switches always in on position also, as the heaters don't seem to be giving out any storage heat (we have thermostat set quiet high).

Can someone tell us what is the required combination of settings to get living room heaters functioning properly?

Any advice greatly appreciated,
thanks, redcloud


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hi redcloud,

have a look at the dials on the top of the heaters. Your input should be set to 4 or 5 this is the amount of heat you want the heaters to store during the night and output should be set to 3 which would give an evening boost and release most of the heat during the evening or 6 would give an afternoon boost. Try it with the two other switches on but we only seem to need the mains switch beside each heater on, there is a seperate switch for the fan heater on the side of the heater itself so as long as thats not on you shouldn't have the fan heater.


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gr8, thanks for reply. :)

We have 3 mains switches, one seems to be a master switch, and the other 2, we think, are for turning heaters on like electric heaters..

So you have only one mains switch turned on? The master switch?