Hansted Residents Newsletter November 2011


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Hansted Management Lucan – November 2011

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Dear Residents

We’re just completing the handover from SPM, and we were alarmed to hear that over €70,000 is owed by owner residents / landlords.

As you all know, without funds, we are unable to provide the services being provided for everyone’s benefit:

1. pay for public liability and block insurance
2. carry out repairs and maintenance
3. undertake landscaping and cleaning
4. pay for lighting in the common areas

Unless we get the substantial portion of the arrears paid up in the coming weeks and months, we will run out of money to pay for the insurance premium instalments. We also won’t be able to undertake any form of repairs or maintenance, emergency or otherwise. And, with the 2012 subscriptions becoming payable in January onwards, it is critical that we start addressing the arrears issue.

Undoubtedly many of you had issues with SPM and many of you withheld paying your subscriptions for reasons of dissatisfaction. Furthermore, we are fully aware that some of you are struggling due to pay cuts, reduction in pay or unemployment. SPM are gone now, and we are managing Hansted ourselves, so we all need to do our bit.

There are residents/owners who have not paid their subscriptions for several years and these arrears would need to be brought in line. We would ask that those that are behind with their subscription please pay your arrears.

Please lodge direct to our bank account:

Hansted Management Company Limited
AIB Bank
Sort code 93 42 75
Account no 03170071

Please make sure to reference the payment with the first line of your address so that the payment can be allocated to your account.

Please also feel free to send cheques. Please see the postal address above.

For those that are not paying, please either email hanstedrc@gmail.com or write to us at the above address explaining why you are not making payments, and/or to set up an active payment plan. But, please be advised that if you continue to avoid paying fees, repairs and maintenance cannot be carried out on your property.

In the next few weeks, we will engage a new solicitor to take over debt collection and take over the files from the previous firm. We will take account of everyone’s situation, case by case, but the services are provided for everyone, and everyone needs to pay to share the costs.

We look forward to your cooperation.

Yoichi, Wayne and Joanna
Hansted Residents Committee