Hansted Residents Newsletter December 2011


New Member
Dear Owner Residents

Proposed Residents meeting – a date for your diary
As suggested by residents, we are planning a Residents Meeting on Monday, 12th December @ 7pm @ Lucan Sarsfield GAA Club.

The informal meeting will be an opportunity for the Residents Committee to give an update on where we are now since Smiths Property Management resigned, and to outline the challenges / difficulties we face due in part to SPM’s mismanagement. We will try to respond to whatever questions that may be asked.

However this is an owner residents’ meeting so we need everyone taking part by attending the meeting. We hope to have a frank discussion on what we services we hope Hansted Management can provide for the Estate and discuss various issues affecting all of us in the Estate.

However, this is one side of the equation. The other side of the equation is payment of management fees. We need to discuss how we can manage this and give an update on the current state of finances.

Many residents have contacted us that they wish for a better managed and maintained Estate than before – this is easier said than done as its up to all of us. The committee is only a few residents, and we can only do so much. We need as many of you involved to contribute at various levels to make things better us. With a good turnout, we can all discuss to make things better for Hansted. Please understand though, the committee consists of owner residents like yourselves, but we certainly do NOT have all the answers.

This meeting will be followed by the AGM in early January – we will confirm the arrangements at the residents meeting.

Maintaining the Estate
We have resumed litter picking and cleaning this week on an ad hoc basis, and we will continue when funds permit. We are also pencilling in gutter and gulley clearing, minor repairs to the drain pipes this month as the deteriorating weather will cause problems.

If anyone is having problems with leaks, please email us @ hanstedrc@gmail.com and we will log it for a call. Funds are very tight so we can not get a full repair work done, but we can assess what needs to be done.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

Hansted Residents Committee