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If you have any problems or want any work completed in your apartment ring Handyandy @ 087 7656063 or send email to sales@handyandy.ie.

We're plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters, carpenters rolled into one. We do everything.

We're in your complex every Thursday. For your convenience we work in the evenings as well to suit your schedule.

Top 10 most popular services so far:

1. Seal around the bath, shower, toilet and wash basin.
2. Lay wooden floors/carpet.
3. Tile the bathroom, kitchen floors and walls.
4. Fit/fix lights/sockets
5. Change lock on apartment door/add a second lock to door.
6. Fit worktop & shelving in the utility room.
7. Add more shelves in the bedroom wardrobe.
8. Install/fix washing machine, fitted fridge and cooker.
9. Hang blinds, curtains, pictures, mirrors, shower door and plasma TV’s
10. Paint or retouch up walls with filler or plaster.

Best regards,
David Hall.

E: sales@handyandy.ie
T: 087 7656063