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If you have any problems or want any work completed in your appartment ring Handyandy @ 087 7656063 or send email to sales@handyandy.ie.

We're plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters, carpenters rolled into one. We do everything.

We're in Hanover quay at least once a week.

Top 10 most popular appartment services

1. Hang a new shower door and seal around the bath and shower.
2. Lay wooden floors.
3. Tile the bathroom or kitchen.
4. Fit lights/new sockets
5. Change lock on appartment door.
6. Put a worktop and shelving in the utility room.
7. Add more shelves into the fitted warddrobe has provided.
8. Install washing machine, fitted fridge and cooker.
9. Hang blinds or curtains on those big windows!
10. Repaint the appartment after tenant has left.


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Handy Andy 21/02


I'll be in the Hanover quay complex this Thursday 21/02 in the evening if you need anything looked at.

David Hall, handyandy (087 7656063)


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Thursday 28/02


We'll be in the complex again this Thursday 28/02 if you have any problems or work to be completed. We're there in the evening as well.

David Hall ( Handy Andy )
087 7656063.


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We have sucessfully completed the following projects in your appartments over the last few months.

We have references for each of the projects completed. Residents have kindly allowed us to use them as a reference.

We will work on a FAQ list over the next few weeks and post it here.

Best regards,
David Hall
087 7656063.

1. Adapt the interior of the bedroom warddrobe adding/removing more rail bars & more shelves. Adding a complete new ward drobe beside an existing one - matching the color and texture of the existing one.
2. Fit laminate floors across the entire apartment. Remove skirting before and replace after.
3. Add 2 more shelves into the hotpress.
4. Put shelving in the Utility room for extra storage.
5. Fit decking and storage space on the balcony.


1. Upgrade the water pump from a 1.8bar to a 3 bar pump and fit insulation to reduce noise.
2. Cistern problem - Hot water being flushed by the cistern. Necessary to change the hot and cold pipes around - difficult because of access.
2.1 Cistern problem - The cistern not filling up
3. Bathroom Tap - change them around - as hot is where cold should be.
4. Replace immersion in the combi tank.
5. Radiator in the living not working.
6. Remove bath and replace with shower tray, shower door and tile the area.
7. Fit an electric shower in ensuite to allow for access to hot water at all times.

Leaks - We find the source of the leak, fix it and repair all damage.

1. Leak from ensuite shower onto bathroom floor.
2. Leak caused by lose tile. Damage done to plaster board at the back.
3. Leak into kitchen and main bathroom caused by a leak from appartment above.
4. Leaking taps in the hand basin.
5. Replace a cracked cistern.

1. Retile bathroom.
2. Tile the kitchen area.
3. Tile the utility area.


1. Lights in the ensuite bathroom not working. ( This is occuring a lot ).
2. Bathroom Extractor fans not powerful enough causing black damp build up on Roof and walls.
3. Replace Kitchen extractor unit.
4. Install electric shower.
5. Hang Light Fittings.
6. Replace immersion in the water tank.
7. Change switches to dimmer switches.
8. Move Spot lights in the living room - also involved plastering and painting.
9. Move Fire Detectors in the kitchen as too close to cooker and going off every day.

1. Paint ceilings white.
2. Paint an entire appartment magnolia.
3. Paint one living room wall sunshine yellow.

Bits and pieces.
1. Hang up curtain poles on corner window - with two separate corners on it. There was support behind.
2. Rehang curtains in an appartment where they kept falling down.
3. Hang an assortment of pictures and mirrors around appartment.