Greenpark Shopping Centre problems


paul reynolds

Residents living on Saint Johns Park are becoming increasingly concerned about the activities of youths (some living in Johns Park) who congregate outside the shops during the evening, making noise and using abusive language at shoppers as they go about their lawful business. These youths are bringing the good name of the area into disrepute. This can also be seen on Saint Johns Park West where youths kick GAA footballs at residents homes and motor vehicles and destroy outside flowerbeds and garden areas belonging to individual residents they pick out for ASB treatment.

In co-operation with the Gardai ,an action plan must be initiated by residents in Greenpark, Johns Park and other neighbouring areas so that this new problem of motor vehicles being stolen and burned out in our shopping area is brought to a swift end. If residents living in Johns Park have teenagers who are friends with those who may be connected with these crimes then they must inform the Gardai immediately.

If you have any information, please contact the Gardai or any of the anti-social behaviour websites on the net.:D :rolleyes: