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Cigarette Butts!!

Is anyone else having problems with rubbish been thrown onto their patio?. We are constantly picking up cigarette butts and other crap that has been thrown down from the duplex above.We wrote to the management company and grimes who are the letting agents but still nothing and I am getting fed up complaining.We dont smoke and last week I went out and I swear there was about 50 butts on the ground.Any one ideas on how to stop this without resorting to posting them back through the letterbox?? I am seriously on my last nerve with this one. Oh and another thing ,can the idiot in the black mercedes slow down when they are racing around the estate.Someone is going to get killed.The slow signs erected are not just for show!!


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Hi Susanc, im afraid i live in the houses so no cig but
problems so cant help you on this one. The guy in the black merc
with non national plates needs to be stopped. Not only does
he speed but he plays his music so loud it can be heard at the back of our house. He drives into the briars to collect someone and drives out.
There is an owner of a maroon coloured BMW 5 series living in the Briars , not speeding but again music full blast.I stopped him outside his apartment
and told him he cant play it that lould - noise pollution etc and he said sorry and hasnt played it lould since.
the guy in the merc drives so fast hes gone before i can catch him to give him a warning before i report him to the guards.
The Briars was and is a peacefull estate, we need to stand up to these sort of people who seem to have a different set of rules to everyone else, ie
foreign cars no tax insurance NCT etc , drive as fast as they like , and play lould excessive music.


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New Houses

Can anyone tell me how many houses are being built at the end of the estate?.they are going up quite quick.Interesting that as soon as planning permission is denied that work starts on them!Maybe now the end houses will be completed soon and we will have tenants in them and the drives wont resemble a car park!Most nights there are at least 4/6 cars on these drives and it looks awful. There are plenty of car spaces around the corner for extra cars but these are rarely used.