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Hi, the Kingston Hall has been setup recently.

If you issues, suggestions, comments about our lovely apartment block this is a good place to discuss them.

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Has anybody had Broadband installed yet? I called one provider today he told me that they don't provide broadband to Kingston Hall. I'm not sure if this is because our apartment block is not equipped for it or if it's just this particular supplier who don't provide the service.


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Hi Clare

i looked into a couple but since i didn't want to get a landline, my options were decreased. also have had bad experiences with irish broadband so didn't want to go down that route again.

I work for vodafone so i got a good deal on their new broadband product.
for you, this is €39.99 a month at the moment but soon will be €49.99 a month.
this product suits me cause i can bring it with me with my laptop.

would be worth checking with ntl if you don't want to get a landline, but this means you have to pay for digital tv also if you don't allready have it.

for all your options you should have a look on

the one thing to note on this website is allot of the wireless providers say they have coverage in your area but when you ring them they actually don't.

hope this was some help.

Sarah :D


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Thanks Sarah. It was actually NTL who said they don't supply to us. I didn't want to get a phoneline either but I was hoping for a speed of at least 3M so I may have to go down this road. Thanks for your help.


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Broadband - BT

Hi, it seems the phone exchange that Kingston Hall is connected has not been upgraded to get broadband yet. Sometime after summer according to Eircom. I got BT in but that meant get a landline. The good thing is BT pay the landlne and have cheap calls so I got broadband + phone for €30 a month for a 2Mb line.

Not bad..