General Election has started - Who are these candidates??


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The general election campaign has started!!
A selection of candidates have put posters up already (Sun Morn) yet they have never visited this area of Lucan and may not even know where it is !
Be sure to ask at your door who these people are and what they know of the REAL ISSUES in our area!!
Do they know of the difficulties in getting a child into a local primary or secondary school in the South Lucan Area? Ten years on and no change there?
Do They know we have to send our children to Leixlip for a secondary school, due to lack of spaces and choice in Lucan?
Do they know of the continuous litter of beer bottles in our gardens and abuse from the teenage and young adult drinkers (male and female)??
Dont let them away with a smile and shaking their hands and nodding their heads, they need to represent you and I in this next Dail (government). Dont give them your vote until you can be sure of their honesty in representing you!!