Gates in the Archway


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Can someone tell me whats going on with the gates in the Archway? Today the gates were taken from mount on the walls and now move freely and can be opened and closed. This creates a major problem for my family. The gates are now being constantly slammed closed and the noise is unbearable. As it is we can already hear every movement in the Archway (Usually kids hanging out in the archway screaming shouting or bouncing balls racing trolleys or bikes through etc ) My 14 month old baby could not sleep today and is getting frightened everytime the gate is slammed. (just when I thought the noise in this place could not get any worse) We have roared and shouted at these kids to move them on but they come back after a few minutes. :mad:


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The problem with screaming unsupervised children is affecting everyone at the moment as too are the teenagers using our grounds to underage drink and smoke in the evenings. To tackle this problem once and for all, it has been agreed all gates in the archways be fixed and locks repaired. This is to have a system in place with the caretaker, whereby there will be notification issued to residents of specific opening and closing times of the communal gates so everyone benefits from a peaceful environment in the evenings.

The gates should be infact pinned back until further notice to avoid an inconvenience to residence as yourself however, the caretaker will be issued with keys for the gates shortly to carry out this daily duty.

Hopefully the noise levels in the grounds will decrease dramatically in the next few days.


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this seems to have dramatically cut down on the through traffic in the development. Also since the hole in the fence was fixed, opposite coolmine school, the place has also quietened huge amounts.

Fair play on getting the hole fixed.