GAA youth in Johns Park

just a short note to say what a terribler area this is

My sister recently bought a house in Johns estate a\nd to date she is sorry the day she moverd in.

In checking out the area for my siste I dicscovered that quite a lot of anti social behaviour goes on in the area and to which very many people know> my sister says it was the worst thing she ever done when she decided to purchase a house in saint johns. from the first night she closed her door youth congregared outside kn=icking footballs and giving the ususal two finger signs. That terrible i said, yes said she, and that every night. Have3 you informed the guards, no,
I know the feeling

C Morris (maiden Name)

I lived in Saint jiohns Park West over ten yeras ago and when i left it was the best thing I ever done. I know what a number of people have gone through over many years and I am quite sure very many people know who the two families, neighbourd and friends who caused all the problems on the road. When I moved out it was like a release from a hell that I got myself into. My children were constantly abused, assaulted an called all sorts of names.

I knwo you will find all sorts of people no matter where you go but that road has its share of people coming and going but still the problems continue on
Im glad im out of theire for good