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The Neighbours Team

Welcome to the 'Archers Wood' Neighborhood Forum. This forum is a part of, however each forum is moderated and run by a resident in each neighborhood. was set up to encourage neighbours to communicate with each other and discuss various topics. It can also be used as a means for social gatherings and announcements of upcoming meetings etc.

' ' is the moderator of this forum. The Moderator will be able to edit or delete posts as he/she feels necessary, or ban users if a user is abusing the forum. Please report any content or flamming that you feel is not suitable to the forum. Send a Private Message (PM) to myself or the Moderator outlining the content and the user who posted it.

Anything posted on this forum that may cause a possible security concern will be promptly removed. There is a private section within the forum and a password can be optained be sending a PM to the moderator or myself with your Name and Address to verify that you are a resident. All securtiy sensitive topics should be discussed within the private section.

To post anything here you must first register. This only takes a minute and you will not receive any spam, junk emails, nor will your email address be sold to any third party whatsoever.

Enjoy the forum and be sure to register and start posting. Its a Fun, Free & Friendly way to get to know your neighbour.


P.S.- Please feel free to let us know how we can improve this forum. Simply post your suggestions here or send a mail via the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page.


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Hi Ciaran,

Found this forum completly by accident. Is anyone going to publisise this forum to the residents?
Is anyone aware what the outcome of the residents meeting questionaire was or if therewas a follow up meeting?


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Hi Daz,

Different Ciaran here then the above. I think he is just the ownwer of the site ?

I live in Archers Wood and have heard nothing back yet.



Moderator (Archers Wood)
New Moderator

Hi All,

Apols for the delay (PC went bust) but I'm now the moderator on this board.

First of all, welcome one and all. :p

I've been living here in Archers Wood (Whatley Hall)since the end of December, and I still have questions myself that I'd like answers to, so lets hope this forum helps everyone who has questions and problems find the answers.

To start off with, the only 2 rules I have are:
A) Be nice. Please. I'd rather not see shouting matches develop here.
B) Security Information - Please Do Not post any information regarding security codes, keys etc for the Apartment Blocks in any public part of the forum. I'll delete any such posting if I see it.

Finally, contact information for various people will be posted over the weekend on in the different parts of the forum. If the information I have is wrong, let me know. I'm only as good as the information the builders have left me!:D