Final Audited Accounts

Ronan C

Moderator (Windmill)

I think we are all still waiting on the final audited version of accounts from the management company. After our meeting on Wednesday, it was suggested if we all either email or call the company requesting these again, it might speed up the process. Below is a copy of the mail I sent and the contact details for Smyth.

Our first AGM is at the end of October and I really think it would be beneficial if we receive a copy of the accounts BEFORE that meeting and they set the budget for 2008. If we all apply some pressure, we might see some better results.;
PH: 8255423

Hello Clara,

Thank you for organising that note to be sent around to the other residents of Windmill.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned the up coming AGM on the 31st of October. The main issue most people had at our meeting was lack of clarity regarding the maintenance fee. I think it is essential that we receive a copy of the final audited accounts before this meeting. We are arranging another meeting one week before the AGM, so ideally we would like the accounts before then. If you are unable to provide these, can you please give me the contact details of the external auditor as I would very much like to speak with them.

Kind regards,