Enough parking spaces?


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No Not Enough, Im Getting A 2 Bed Appartment And Cant See How There Will Be Enough When Everyone Has Moved In. Will Cause Problems. :(


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Site layout

I agree this could be a problem....
Here are links to the most up to date site layout I can find on the Kildare County Council planning website....in the layout drawing in the first link shows the latest parking after the creche location change.
The second shows the layout of the southern part of the estate after the change of some houses to duplexes.
Combine should give you idea of the final layout.

I'm not sure about this but it appears in the first link to show numbers against the parking spaces in the appartments so does that mean they have allocated parking????




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Im gonna count how many spaces there are around teh apartments next time im up seeing them. :D


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Car parking

Anyone figure out how many spaces are around the apartments? Looks to be short to me.... My understanding is that there is no dedicated parking.


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Was up about 2 wks ago snaggin, asked builders bout spaces, he kinda smiled and said no allocations and no there werent enough! shud be fun to see how it turns out:confused: