Dun Saithne Residents Association


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Is this still going? If so, who/where do I contact?

I have issues regarding the playground and have contacted the Gardai and Fingal coco regarding antisocial behaviour.

I'm of the opinion that the playground is a magnet for antisocial behaviour late in the evenings/night time..

Swings are being broken, baby swings are wrapped around bars (making plenty of noise in doing so) 1 baby swing is totally gone, unuseable.. and since seeing what I saw in the tunnel near the slide, i wont be taking my child near it again.

Its a disgrace


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Hi All,Just joined up there,

Have to second that post about anti-social behaviour in the area.Playground is treated like it holds a pack of wild animals...innocent children cannot play there without the potential of a bully physically hurting them,there is a certain group in the estate that are actually taking to defecating and urinating in the tunnel,I witnessed 1 child continuously bullying a young child in front of there parents and received nothing but a mouthful of abuse,the golf clubs that are being carried around and smashing up anything these anti-social children can get their hands on,climbing on walls is a massive issue and the abuse and damage to property...where are the parents...makes me laugh...blind and deaf apparently...the other day children were flagging down cars and getting them to stop and then spitting in the window!!!...and as for the parents good god...plenty of noise at night time on the road and cant keep to a minimum noise level out of respect... I'm very happy with my home and I'm very happy with the majority of my neighbours as we have a nice little neighbourhood were we all get along,look after our homes and outside areas BUT there is a part of this estate who dont give a Sh*t...pardon my language...It seems useless the way things are at the moment...every so often we receive a letter about anti-social behaviour...unfortunatley the only people that understand the term are the good folk in the estate...in my opinion there should be a High-Pitch electronic sound located in the playground that after suitable hours where children should be well gone in (which doesnt seem to work for some residents as they dont know what curfew is for bedtimes)...But at least it would discourage the late night loitering,vandalism & noise at night time.Sorry for the rant but it breaks my heart that we all put in such an effort to make our area as nice as it is and the same regulars continnue to disrespect us and the area.


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Now we have people selling bangers to the kids.Number 14 the Grove is selling bangers to kids as young as 6 or 7