Dublin Bus Information


Moderator (Wainsfort)
Wainsfort is served by Dublin Bus route 54A. While the bus doesn't come through Wainsfort proper, it does come quite close. The route terminates at Eden Quay and The Square, Tallaght. The bus passes Templeogue College on Templeville Road, turns right onto Fortfield Park and then right onto Fortfield Road and onto the KCR. There was some talk of extending the route to Kiltipper in Tallaght, but I'm not sure if this has come into effect yet.

Other bus routes, 49A, 65 and 15B have stops on Templeogue Road. The 15A crosses the KCR coming to'from the Terenure direction.

Timetables are as follows :

54A, 49/A, 49X, 65, 65B, 65X, 15A, 15B, 15E.

Further information available from Dublin Bus