Door Locks and general security


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Having discussed break-ins in the local area recently with some of the victims, it is not always hard to notice any patterns that may crop up. It is easy to adapt some measures without it costing you anything, and also checking out a neighbours house from the outside if their alarm starts going off, instead of moaning about it (you can always moan later if it went off for no reason!!).
Some measures are as follows:

The newer the cars that people have, the more likely they are to attract the attention of burgulars. This does not mean that you should not purchase a new vehicle and buy a banger instead, but means that you must be more careful when locking up to put away keys, etc, and not leave them in view of a window (front or back) where a burgular can see them. This reduces the amount of time they will need to spend in your property as they will just go straight for the keys once they have gained access. In-Out-Car GONE!! And these people do break in when you are in the house too.

Laptops, cameras, camcorders, handbags, etc, should be put away in presses, or upstairs. Again, if they see nothing to get, they will be less likely to want to break in.

Lights: If they are on timers, make sure to change the timer regularly as the days lengthen. Lights coming on at 4.30pm when it actually begins to get dark at almost 6pm tells would be thieves that there is no-one in. Vary on-times more often as well if you can, but monitor daylight time at the minimum.

People can always talk to each other too. If you hear any news regarding break-ins or vehicle thefts (we had some last year in our own estate too), let others know. The more aware people are about things, the more vigilant we are likely to be.
We may not stop every break in, but if we reduce the opportunities thieves have, then less people will become victims.

One thing that has cropped up in these discussions is the locks on the doors in Beechfield estate. They can be accessed and opened in just under 8 seconds without a key!! THIS IS NO JOKE!!!
The locking mechanism on our doors allows thieves to gain access to the house in such a short time, and then most alarms give the thieves another 30 seconds to get in, grab, and get out, before beginning to sound.

I am in discussions with a local locksmith to change my own front and back door locks to ones that make it more secure. This may not stop thieves, but it will certainly make it that bit harder to get into my house!!

I urge everyone to share information like this. The site allows a forum for us to inform each other and I for one, would be happier knowing anything to keep my family and home safe from intruders.

Happy 2010 to all my neighbours!!