Dont be so quick to call clampers


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I have just moved into Premier square and I havent been given a fob to access my parking space in the underground car park.So my only option is to park in any available space and leave a note on the dashboard explaining the situation and my mobile number so I can move the car if Im in another residents space. This seems like the only civil and common sense thing to do, however I got a call from a resident saying he was calling the clampers on me , even though I offered to move my car within the next 2 hours (I was in the city center when I got the call) Im not from Dublin and didnt grow up in a city but I can tell you one of the problems of society is theres no sense of community in these apartment blocks


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At least you left a note on the dash. I hate some inconsiderate idiot parked in my space with no note in the dash, its like a red rag to a bull, clampers are called immediately.