Dog excrement (no. 2s, faeces, sh*t)


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Hi all,

At the AGM there was mention of dogs being held in captivity in Block C (which in not allowed under the agreement signed by purchasers at the time of purchase and by extension any tenants renting from these owners). One person from Block C highlighted their experience of finding dog excrement in the hallway outside their apartment, which is disgusting.

Up until this point I can't say dogs or indeed cats in Fairview Close bothered me personally one way or the other. Well today under cover of darkness I fell foul of dog **** outside Block B, rightly planting my foot in it. Now I'm annoyed to say the least as I don't take a dump on other people's doorsteps and I don't expect to find it outside mine! I would like to know what are other people's experiences of this and what can be done about it?


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You are correct - Pets like cats and dogs are not allowed - The management co. should be informed of any tenant or resident keeping pets in there apartments. They attract other animals etc. too.

Did any other major issues come out of the AGM - missed it this year unfortunately .....


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A friend of mine who lives in Block C and who have a young girl, were set upon by a dog in the green area at the back of the block. It was extremely lucky that she did not get bitten or worse mauled by this dog and think the matter should most definitely be raised with the mgmt. company.


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have witnessed this dog runnning riot in block c recently and an awful lot of barking at all hours , surely this isnt fair on anyone least of all the poor captive dog, an apartment is not the place for a dog (which is quite big to add!) what can be done ? ( i believe it's being kept on the second floor in block c??):confused:
The owners were given permission to keep a pet by their landlord/letting agent.(I know they still aren't allowed)
They are moving out in a few months when their lease is up.


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Dogs or any other large pets are not allowed under the purchase agreement. Any landlord who allows such pets is in breach of the the terms of that agreement and if the dogs are causing a persistent nuisance you can make a complaint the tenant and/or landlord to the Private residential tenancies board and get compensation (if the landlord is not registered with them, they would be in additional trouble).

It would be easier to contact Assured Mgt Agent and let them do the work.

That said, I like dogs and I havn't noticed much of a problem. If you have, do something about it.