Dog alone for weeks in garden with nobody living in the property


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Hi, there

There's a dog in the garden and nobody's living in the property, it's a duplex in Belfry Green.

It is at least been 3 weeks now, the dog seems a bit aggressive.

Would it a potential of animal abuse? Who's feeding the dog if nobody's living there for such a long time?

It looks very odd to me.

I'd love to know if anybody knows what's going on and what should be done?


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Re Dog alone


Call a local animal rescue - Do NOT call the dog warden if you can avoid. He will take the dog to the pound where it will have 5 - 10 days before being put down. If the dog is showing any signs of aggression (Which would be out of fear if he is abandoned, then they just put them down).

Where are you located and I can advise of the local animal rescue.

Alternatively - email me at

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Dee!

Yes, it is aggressive now, my builder told me.

I've just called the property management company and they've sent a person to check it out what is going on.

If there's really nobody living there, as my builder told me when he's doing survey for a property I'm buying, then, I'll call the local animal rescue or even, after I move in my own place, I'll adopt it myself.

I'll email you Dee.

Thanks very much Dee!