Directions: Red Arches to Clongriffin Dart Station


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Dumb question: Can anyone explain clearly how to get from Red Arches to Clongriffin Dart station by foot? Clongriffin is a complete mystery to me.:(


Aoibhe Ni

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I don't know if you still need this, Genbo, but here go go, nonetheless.

Starting from the entrance to Red Arches on the coast:
You walk, walk, walk until you hit the red hoarding at the end of the road. Turn left, and walk along that bit of road that is blocked off by the trees in the concrete "pots", then take the first right. You will pass an entrance to a building site on the right, but keep walking until you reach a right turn which has a bus lane painted on it. Walk to the end of that road, veering left, then up the metal stairs, and you're at the train station!