Defrosting Citypark

Hey guys,

Has there been any attempt by MUMMS to address the worsening icy conditions on the roads in Citypark? Is there anything in the maintenance fee for grit? I sourced 25Kg of it for £120 from the UK. Otherwise would it be possible to get out with shovels and outdoor brushes.

I'm thinking of getting some tools and doing it myself at this stage, if anyone wants to help I'd appreciate it, and I'll even make hot tea, coffee and scones for anyone who feels like chipping in!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas, and Happy New Year Neighbourinos!


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Help with clearing ice...


I would be happy to help tonight after 17:00.
Where shouild we meet?



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just saw this now, a work party would be good, but we would need an awful lot of people to try and clear the road, reckon that grit was probably horticultural sterile grit or something, 120 pounds for 25 bags of flour's worth of grit is a hell of a lot, you can buy it by the tonne for very little from builders suppliers or possibly agricultural co-ops but I don't think theres anything at all in the budget for grit, and we're already in a good bit of deficit to be paid off so doubt we could get some bought in. But maybe if they spoke nicely to the crowd snowploughing citywest they could take a little detour in here:rolleyes: I would say its being done by a private firm. Looks like after tomorrow its gonna start to thaw a bit any way. If we can get a crowd and some tools I'd be glad to help out trying to clear a way out, as long as theres freshly baked scones and tea!:p but I don't get home from work these days until after 7pm, can't get my damn car out of the estate so have to get the bus to dun laoghaire every day. :mad: and last week they weren't running from here so had to get a lift to tallaght.
Yeah its been a bit like that for everyone I think. We had to push a chap out of his carspace yesterday lol. It's thawed out a good bit now but I think it's important to sweep away the slush in case it refreezes tonight. Old or outdoor sweeping brushes should do it, I'll get the scones on after work tonight, and have a few pots of tea on, anyone up for it just call around tonight to No. 30. Sharon any time after 7 is fine, as most ppl will want to get home and get some dinner etc.

Stay safe and warm amigos :D