Dampness in apartments


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Sorry, I've not been online in a while so missed these posts. I'm going to call the builder to get him to come look again and then I'll get back to you re meeting to do something about this

Aoife Hall

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hey ive had the engineer out countless times over the last year,the builder claimed we never got in touch for the first yr we were here but we did !Am paying to have a private engineering report done to see what if anything can be done.I was advised to get in touch with the solicitor who handled the sale to see about homebond ect .We have called the builder a good few times and also dankse windows who have now withdrawn from ireland.the gaurentee for the windows is still carried by the parent company in denmark called ideal combi.i would say email carlson and co who were the agents for dankse windows and ask what you can do i think if we keep on them and the builders we will have some sort of result.Also the people who used the dehumidifyer did this do any good?

Tony H

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Get in contact with the builder.
If you are on the top floor and the damp is in all rooms away from windows and doors it is probably the roof. If there is damp on your side of a dividing wall between you and the apt next door. Ask your neighbour if the damp shows up on the same wall in there apartment. Black spots of damp lead to fungus and most of the spores produced by fungus are a health hazard.
Flat roofs give the most problems if they do leak the water ponds in the lowest point and slowly seeps through causing prolonged problems.
Don’t wait contact the builder straight away. Ask for a copy of a report on the problem following an inspection. If you have no joy with the builder by phone or email send a registered letter. If you get no satisfaction send a solicitor’s letter.
Keep records of all phone calls and emails dates, times and the names of the people you spoke with. If it is a roofing problem you should be able to approach home bond as it would be considered a structural problem.
If all this fails have a report commissioned on your behalf and forward a copy with a solicitor’s letter to the builder and home bond.
I hope this helps best of luck