Crosbies Yard as a place to live

I'm looking to buy somewhere central within about 10 minute walk of a DART station.

There were a lot of off putting threads about break ins and thefts in Crosbies a couple of years back. Are they still an issue?

Are there other reasons to recommend or discourage a purchase in this complex?
There were issues many years ago with bike thefts as you could literally jump over the gates into the complex. They raised and modified the gates so it’s near impossible and they added a separate gate to the basement carpark.

As far as I’m aware, there’s never been any breakins to apartments. Just the odd local scrote getting access to the confines of the complex.


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Nothing to report, quite safe complex
Some years ago there were some bikes theft but it is a safe harbor now
Be careful of some people living here, they are jealous of others and send false reports to management if you don't follow their lead ;)